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Bay leaves in a hand woven basket.

Herb & Supplement Consultation

Our new monthly herbal service includes a 15 minute Zoom or voice call in order to determine exactly what you need to treat the root of your health problems.  A month's worth of custom herbal tablets are then delivered to your door all for $99! 


Some of the things Chinese herbs can do include stopping all sorts of pain, hot flashes, lowering cholesterol, improving digestion, preventing miscarriages, regulating menses cycles and painful periods, stopping UTIs, prevention of colds, calming the mind, improving sleep, resolving eye issues and tinnitus, improving mood, increasing circulation, thinning blood, and so much more all without the organ damage,

side effects, and other distressing and life-threatening symptoms

that today's pharmaceuticals offer. Quite simply, Chinese herbs are amazing!


Would you like to give this medicine a try? You’re worth it!

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